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On February 11 at 18:00 the Modern Art Research Institute opened "VISIOCRACY" art project within the XIII platform of cultural initiatives "New Directions".

This year project encourages to comprehend the existing concepts of the theory of visual perception. Curators offer to think about merging the experience of virtual and real, which in 2020 affected everyone. This is good or bad, but the consequences of this synthesis are already being felt.

Our perception is particularly sensitive to the visual attributes of beauty, prosperity and success. That is why the world's empires used gold, flowers, naked bodies and happy faces in their exaltation. Those who could afford all this luxury, found himself inside the halo of glory, even acting against the morals and interests of society.

And all this happens because an attractive picture reduces critical thinking, activate the anticipation of pleasure. In this way, visiocracy directs vision, forcing society to associate the subject of power only with change for the better.

Attempts at radical emancipation from this archaic phenomenon appeared in the experiments of the avant-garde. Malevich Square actually became a harbinger of a new era of iconoclasm, which continues in various forms till now.

However, rebuilding visual culture is not easy. After all, even where images disappear, their place is usually taken by literature and ideology, developing a dependence on discourse. The tradition of subduing consciousness to emotionally colored pictures, words and texts is so strong that its deconstruction is associated mainly with chaos and madness.

In view of this, it is obvious that visiocracy has grown strongly in mass culture, but the understanding of this fact occurs only in contemporary art.


Artem Andriychuk, Viktor Arefiev, Oleksandr Bugay, Iryna Vorona, Mariko Gelman, Anzhelika Honchar, Serhiy Gulevych, Yuriy Denysenkov, Roman Domashych, Andriy Dudchenko, Elizaveta Zhdanova, Olena Kainska, Yulia Kyrychenko, Yevhen Klymenko, Tetyana Koresynyk Anna Kostrytska, Dmytro Kupriyan, Yevhen Lisnyak, Ruslan Luchko, Maksym Mazur, Olena Marychevska, Volodymyr Mykhailov, Ilya Mykhaylus, Lidia Moroz, Bohdana Patsyuk, Eduard Potapenkov, Yulia Savenko, Oleksandra Sklyarenko, Natalia Fedokerynyna Chedoryterynyna, Vero , group project of Serhiy Kornievsky, Eduard Potapenkov and Lyudmila Rashtanova, duet @shallow_wat and @some_static_pictures (Tishchenko Irena and Pavlyuk Tetyana).

CURATORS: Andriy Sydorenko and Iryna Yatsyk

PROJECT MANAGER: Igor Abramovich

PARTNERS: ABRAMOVYCH.ART PROJECT, Art Huss, Chernozem, InArt, Makhno Art Foundation, WowNowHow, ArtBureau, TUASHO

Modern Art Research Institute,

Kyiv, Yevhen Konovalets 18-D.

Monday to Friday 10:00 to 19:00

on Saturday 11.00-17.00.


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