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Imagination can bring to life even an unrelated set of pictures. In this way, Andriy Sydorenko prepares the viewer for real viral memes. He demonstrates how various factors such as historical eras and ideological regimes change people's behavior.

The evolution of people's behavior can be detected visually much faster than textually. Life in post-totalitarian countries is especially remarkable. It is enough to watch a video of how people communicated in front of the camera in the early 50s and how it changed today. It was a time when people were often afraid to express their opinion, realizing that any disagreement with the ruling ideology can be punished.
Today, we have another case: free thought sometimes has no boundaries, not only in contemporary art but in social networks and political shows. Freedom of speech sometimes turns into freedom to litter the media with information noise. But the further we move away from the totalitarian past, the clearer documental photo and videos show the lack of truth and basic human freedoms, which was perceived as a canon of ordinary life.

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