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Recipe For Utopia

22.08.2016 - 30.09.2016

Modern Art Research Institute

Any social utopia is like a promise to fulfill all desires. It often doesn't even need a plan - just convincing advertising.

All the rest will complete the fantasy. Today, these fantasies are most driven by the Internet and television, and once upon a time, in the 10s and 30s, paper publications and posters were more popular.

The technique of influence and political realities have changed, but the desire to enter the world of ideal heroes is no less passionate today than in the past.

Of course, during this time the consumer of these advertising utopias has changed, but technology is also not standing still.

They have become much more effective, but their aesthetic appeal is still independent of manifested content.

With the help of modern mass media, it is possible to make tempting not only the futuristic future, but also the totalitarian past. And it seems that this is a problem that encourages us to look at consumer thinking and populism from a different perspective.

The RECIPE FOR UTOPIA project offers a critical rethinking of modern technologies that help influence public consciousness. And also the reasons on which susceptibility to their influence depends.

Project manager: Igor Abramovich

Curators of the project: Andriy Sydorenko, Oleksandra Khalepa.

Project participants: Yevhen Aksenenko, Viktor Arefiev, Nazar Bilyk, Vadym Bondero, Oleksiy Buistov, Yana Bystrova, Mariana G, Oleksandr Zhyvotkov, Andriy Zelinsky, Yegor Zigura, Oleksiy Zolotarev, Pavlo Kerestei, Oleksandr Klimenko, Dasha Koltsova Oksana Kurchanova, Anton Logov, Oleksandr Lyapin, Pavlo Makov, Tetyana Malinovska, Oleg Malovany, Mykola Matsenko, Roman Minin, Roman Mykhailov, Hanna Naduda, Zoya Orlova, Roman Pyatkovka, Vlada Ralko, Winnie Reunov, Tetyana Rusetska, Vasyl Ryabchenko , Arsen Savadov, Yuriy Syvyryn, Andriy Sydorenko, Viktor Sydorenko, Valeria Tarasenko, Oleg Tistol, Stanislav Tolkachov, Vasyl Tsagolov, Lilia Chavaga, Oksana Chepelyk.

Thanks to: Zenko Aftanaziv, Konstantin Kozhemyaka, Stella Beniaminova, Yevhen Bereznytsky.


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