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November 7, 2018 Carbon opened "PUNKFUTURISM" - project of the group "Punkoptikum", which includes artists: Bondero, Yuriy Sivirin and Andriy Sydorenko.

The authors of the newly formed group believe that "most of the concepts of social development today are related to technological progress and balance between the two poles: faith in the bright future and thoughts about the end of the world. None of them deserves absolute trust, because it is built into a neurotic matrix of mass consciousness, geared to the perception of traumatic news and sight for the psyche. Pankfuturism is a visual extraction and introjection of a painful imagination that requires urgent resuscitation. This imagination generates bizarre images, some of which coincide with the real historical context. Others are conspiratorial fabrication or political senselessness. Among them one can find barbaric atheism, de-communism, religious fanaticism and neo-imperialism. All these are

the perversions of the modernist false dominance: class, nation, ideology, aesthetics or religion, which must reach hegemony now and in the future. The thrill of dominating one over the other occasionally captures the adherents of almost all political directions and colors. A sporadic alternative to this was postmodernism, which contains total contempt and paranoid premonition of catastrophic changes, regardless of how convincing the content of the new cultural and political situation is presented. The dialectics of these trends has a wide historical background, and virtually anyone can find themselves in their epicenter. But today, under new circumstances, a thinner superstructure hangs over this dialectic. It is based on monospective optics, through which modernist and postmodern logic is perceived equally ugly, provoking to unite not about achievements or injuries, but around overcoming the same nature of neurotic disorders. Certain aspects of the new cultural and political direction are expressed in the concepts of alter- and meta- modernism. However, regardless of the name that wins this historical race of terms, we, Bondero, Yuriy Sivirin and Andriy Sydorenko, are giving responsible for expressing the new cultural movement to the Punkoptikum group that we created for this purpose. "


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