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Practice Of Metamorphosis

04.08.2015 - 25.08.2015

Modern Art Research Institute

The Modern Art Research Institute with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and in partnership with America House Kyiv presents a new art project "Practice of Metamorphosis" within the VIII All-Ukrainian platform "New Directions".

Even long-term transformations begin with the conclusions and actions of individuals.

Until someone shows a certain, perhaps even anomalous, initiative, new socio-political changes will not take effect. But any significant change is always a challenge to one's identity. Becoming different is not only a problem of external signs, but also a psychological dilemma.

This is what prevents many from challenging their nature and developing uncharacteristic promising properties.

Starting a new one is harder than repeating a known one - this process can bring discomfort and problems with self-awareness. However, it is much worse to feel confident where there is total degradation.

Project participants: Volt Agapeev, Konstantin Aleninsky, Yulia Belyaeva, Myroslav Vaida, Glib Vysheslavsky, Hamlet, Andriy Zelinsky, Yegor Zigura, Volodymyr Honcharenko, Maryana G, Tetyana Kashkarova, Pavlo Kerestei, Oleksandr Klymenko, Ruslan Kolmy Konovalov, Anton Logov, Tatiana Malinovskaya, Pavlo Makov, Mykola Malyshko, Igor Manko, Oleksa Mann, Roman Minin, Roman Mikhailov, Nina Murashkina, Maria Pavlenko, Roman Pyatkovka, Alexander Roitburdt, Olga Selishcheva, Ivan Semesyuk, Taras Seredin, Taras Sereda Andriy Sidorenko, Viktor Sidorenko, Andriy Siguntsov, Oleg Tistol, Dmytro Tolkachov, Bohdan Tomashevsky, Oksana Chepelyk, Vasyl Tsagolov, Albina Yaloza, Omnia Voivat

Project manager: Abramovych Igor

Curators: Andriy Sydorenko, Iryna Iacyk and Natalia Shpytkovska.

Art manager: Vladyslav Tuzov

The project partner is the HUSS family printing house



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