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Alchemy of motivation

On December 17, The Modern Art Research Institute opens the project "Alchemy of Motivation" within the XII platform "New Directions".

No matter what level of development society is, people are prone to the same mental problems as thousands of years ago. The cultural background, standard of living and technical means are changing, and the collective unconscious is looking for archetypes familiar from antiquity, which it is time to incarnate in modern bloggers, stars or trolls.

Only to summon them today you do not need to read spells, just write a comment by adding special symbols, icons or tags.

Against this background, the functional range of ancient mystical knowledge, in particular, alchemy, seems like a child's play, because the modern wave of occultism uses not only stars and emoticons, but also secret software codes.

But in reality, alchemy is more like a historical rehearsal of virtual reality, which only today has received favorable political and technological conditions for its existence. Despite all the accusations of heresy, she allegorically portrayed the influence of various stimuli on the formation of individual motivation, showing how the transmutation of archetypes leads to cognitive dissonance.

The knowledge of alchemists and gnostics is still unsolved. However, they have a right to their secrets. At least, given that the unraveling of mystical mysteries is one of the fundamental stimuli of all times and peoples, without which man is just a biorobot at the service of his own ambitions of utopian ideology.

The Enlightenment paradigm instilled the belief that when the light of science dispels the darkness of religious and mystical ideas, a happy era of freedom, equality and brotherhood will finally come. But it turned out that neither the weakening of religion, nor the online encyclopedia, nor even freedom of expression directly affect the overall fate of the happy, intelligent and enlightened.

After all, individual motivation is formed not only due to, but also contrary to the circumstances. But usually that's the only way she becomes the strongest.

Mankind has been motivated by religion and mysticism for most of its evolutionary development, and in a few centuries there has been a turn to pragmatic atheism. So the question is not even whether it was the right move, you just need to know if Progress has a recipe for motivation other than money, fame, violence and antidepressants?

Project partners: ABRAMOVYCH.ART, ArtHuss, Chernozem, InArt, ARTIST, UTICO

Project manager: Igor Abramovich.

Curators: Andriy Sydorenko, Iryna Yatsyk, Oleksandra Khalepa.

Participants: Victor Arefiev, Astian Rey, Andreychuk Artem, Irina Berezhko, Marina Bindich, Andrey Bludov, Bondero, Alexey Burdiy, Gleb Vysheslavsky, Waone, Victor Vinichenko, Alex Velboy, Alyona Grom, Hamlet Zinkovsky, Alexander Klytsyuk, Petro Hrytsyuk Tetyana Kolesnik, Krolikowski Art, Dmytro Kupriyan, Anton Logov, Minin, Nina Murashkina, Lyubov Plavska, Anastasia Podervyanska, Oleksiy Revika, Stepan Ryabchenko, Yuriy Syvyryn, Oleksiy Tokarchuk, Alyona Tokovenko, Tetyana Khoroshun, Mykita Tsoi Shlyabianska, Anna Shumska,

Opening on December 17 at 19:00 in the Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv, st. Yevhen Konovalets 18 D.


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